New Landscapes – Essay

Very honoured to have such a great essay written about the exhibition by Emily McCulloch Childs.
Here is a brief excerpt:

Fowler’s new landscapes evoke all that is ancient and beautiful about this land, and simultaneously, subtly, that which is more recent, brutal and confronting. They are a much needed, thoughtful exploration of these issues of land, animals, plants and humans, adding much to the discussion of Australia’s past and its present condition.


Read the whole essay here.

Emily McCulloch Childs is an art historian, writer, researcher, publisher and curator, currently undertaking a Ph.D, a post-colonial reading of the northern Australian frontier, at Monash Indigenous Centre. She is the author of several books on Australian art, including co-author of McCulloch’s Encyclopedia of Australian Art, and co-director of  the art company McCulloch & McCulloch and Whistlewood, a home gallery on the Mornington Peninsula.